Seeking Volunteers!!

Volunteering is largely driven by a passion to provide one’s time and effort to serve the community. Kamban Tamil Palli, a registered non-profit organization,  offers numerous ways for you to contribute to the development of the Tamil language and culture among the next generation. No problem whether you can afford a few hours every week or even just once or twice a year. We welcome all contributions from everyone interested to make a difference towards providing the best possible experience for our students and parents while learning Tamil. Whether your passion is organizing events, introducing Tamil culture to the next generation, or making the children talk more, we have a role for you. Don’t hesitate by doubting your abilities or prior experience. Our stellar team of volunteers will guide you and soon you will become an expert!

What's more, we understand that there are also various recognition programs for volunteers, and KTPNJ is committed to formally certifying and recognizing the volunteer hours of individuals through various means.

Here are just a few examples of activities for which we could use your help:

Please fill out the form below to sign up for volunteering after reading through the volunteering guidelines document and making sure you accept the rules.