1. When can I register my child to Kamban Tamil School?

Registration for new students for the school year 2021-22 is currently open. Please register here.

  1. How do I make the registration payment for the school?

Tamil school registration payment for $200 will be collected online or in-person ($50 for pre-school & kindergarten). Please click here for instructions for online payment through Venmo.

  1. From what age can my child attend Kamban Tamil School?

Your child can join the school as early as age 4.

  1. What curriculum does Kamban Tamil School follow?

Kamban Tamil School will follow the ITA (International Tamil Academy) curriculum. ITA was previously called CTA (California Tamil Academy) – You can get more information from their website https://www.catamilacademy.org/

  1. Can kids from other towns join your school?

Yes, as of now we are permitting registration of kids from other towns/counties as well.

  1. When do the classes at Kamban Tamil School begin?

The classes at Kamban Tamil School begin on September 12, 2021.

  1. What day/time are the classes offered at Kamban Tamil School?

Classes at Kamban Tamil School will be on Sundays starting at 3:30pm.

  1. Will there be classes offered on any day other than Sunday?

At this time classes are planned to be offered only on Sundays at 3:30pm.

  1. Where will the classes be held?

The Tamil classes will be held in Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School campus. This is a great campus with ample class rooms and parking spaces for our Tamil school to grow into a thriving community in the future!

The address is Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School, 128 Merriwood Rd, Bridgewater Township, NJ 08807 (off of the Foot Hill Road in Bridgewater, NJ).

  1. What is the fee per child and what does it cover?

Our annual fee per child is $200 ($50 for pre-school & kindergarten). The annual fee covers the classroom rental fee, ITA web portal and student books, classroom supplies for the students and teachers and administrative expenses to run a public school. Please note that all teachers and administrative staff of Kamban Tamil School are all volunteers and are not paid any money from the school for their services.

  1. When is payment due?

Once you register, online payment of $200 per child should be made using the instructions here.

  1. Can we cancel a registration?

Yes, you can cancel a registration before the school year starts in September, and any fees paid will be refunded back to you (after subtracting any processing fee).

  1. Who are the teachers in Kamban Tamil School?

We have experienced teachers who have volunteered to teach for the Kamban Tamil School. The main teachers’ names are listed in the 'Our Volunteers' page. If you are interested in volunteering as a teacher, please contact us via email.

  1. Do you offer classes for kids at different levels?

We offer classes from Preschool to Grade 8 & the Bilingual Seal Program.

  1. If my child joins, what grade will he/she be in?

Student assessment and assignment to grades will be done prior to the start of the school session in September. We will take into consideration the current knowledge level of the student and appropriately place them in the next academic level to support the continued growth and development of their language learning.

If your child is moving to our school from another ITA-affiliated school with a valid certificate of completion, your child will automatically go into the next grade when we start in September.

If your child is moving to our school from any other non-ITA-affiliated Tamil school, your child will be evaluated before the school session starts per the official ITA evaluation. All other new students aged 6 years and above will be evaluated for their Tamil skill before the school session starts. Based on the results of the evaluation, your child will be placed in the appropriate grade. The evaluation will be a short test based on ITA evaluation guidelines. For further details click here.

  1. Do you take beginners if they are at any grade in school level?

Yes, we do. As long as they are 4 years or older. In the case of older kids, they will be evaluated and placed in a level where they are appropriately challenged. There are intermediate levels in ITA which may be suitable for older kids who want to learn Tamil (since the older kids can pick up at a faster pace, they may be placed at an intermediate beginner level).

  1. Can I volunteer?

Yes. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us by email.

  1. Apart from regular curriculum learning, will there be any events?

Yes, from time to time we will also organize social and cultural events to imbue students with Tamil language and culture.

  1. Is Kamban Tamil School related to the Bridgewater Hindu Temple?

No, Kamban Tamil School is an independent, non-profit Tamil school. It is not related to the Bridgewater Hindu Temple or the Tamil school operating within the Bridgewater Hindu Temple.