GuidelineS & Policies

1.       Homework

Homework will be assigned every week and details are available in the student guide. Parents should guide their children as needed to complete the homework and bring it to class on time. There is no need to scan and upload the homework to Google Classroom.  However, recorded conversation should be uploaded into the Google Classroom. Homework will be evaluated by the assistant teacher during the class and scores will be posted to the ITA website subsequently.

2. Arrival

Physical Classes

Please arrive on time at the start of school between 3:20 and 3:30 pm. After the first 10 minutes, your child will be marked tardy. You will receive a pink slip saying your child was late to school.

Parents are not allowed to stay in the school building while school is in session except for classroom parents, volunteers, teachers and school staff. 

Online Classes

From time to time (due to weather-related concerns or school building closures), some classes may run online. If so students should

3.       Pickup for Physical Classes

Please do not stay inside the classroom or building to talk to the teachers or other parents. Unfortunately, due to time and safety concerns we all must vacate the building within 15 mins after the classes end. 

4.       Attendance and Tardiness


Students should attend classes regularly. 10% of the year end score is assigned for attendance on the basis of 1 point per class. Whether physical or online, student arrival into the school building or joining the Google Meet after 3:40 PM will be considered tardy. Student performance will be impacted by tardiness.

5.       Parking

At all times cars should be parked in designated parking spots only. Cars cannot be left unattended close to the building or anywhere else in the school premises even for a short duration. Cars not in designated parking spots may be towed at the owner's expense. Please do not leave the vehicle in front of the entrance with flashers on.

6.       Classroom Conduct

Physical Classes

The Bridgewater board of education has been very kind in permitting us to lease classrooms in their middle school. They expect that at the end of Tamil class sessions, the classrooms are left in the same good condition that they were in at the beginning of the session. Kamban Thamizh Palli will be held liable to the school for damages that occur. Students should thus treat the school premises and classrooms with utmost care and respect. We request that parents advise their children to not touch any of the classroom material that does not belong to the Tamil school. All incidents or damages will be written up by the teacher and communicated to the parent. 

Online Classes

7.  Supplies Needed For School

Your child will need to bring the following to Tamil class every week:

For online classes: 

8.       No Food or Drinks

Students are not allowed to bring any food or drink except water, under any circumstances.

9.    Communication

Parents may communicate to the teachers through email. Parents can also email and set up a time to meet with the teacher if there is a need. Please let the teacher know in advance to meet him or her at the end of the class. Teachers may also request to meet or talk with the parents as needed and parents should make themselves available for the discussion.

Each teacher will create a WhatsApp group for the class and add all parents of the students in the class for common communication. The principal will also communicate through email to all parents from time to time about school happenings or to provide other information. Parents may also communicate with the school principal through email. 

Parents should join the Kamban Tamil School Whatsapp group to receive school related announcements.

10.       School calendar updates

The principal will communicate through email and WhatsApp any major upcoming events or calendar changes. In particular, on certain weeks the classes may be held online because of unavailability of classrooms at the school because of snow or other reasons, and an email and WhatsApp notification will be sent prior to the class. It is the responsibility of the parents to be alert, and either take their children to school or ask them to connect online as appropriate. Parents may also check the school website for up to date information about changes to the school calendar or other notifications.

11. Textbook

12. Library

Parents are encouraged to borrow books from the library and read to their children or encourage the older children to borrow books themselves. Books are due 2 weeks after check out. Please return borrowed books promptly when they are due so that others may use them as well.   

13. FAQ

Parents may refer to the school website for any other questions at prior to contacting the staff either by email at or call us at 908-547-0759. 

😀 Come ready with an excellent attitude and a huge smile! 😁