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கம்பன் தமிழ்ப் பள்ளி

Kamban Thamizh Palli Monthly Newsletter

Febuary 7, 2021

Comedy Show & Volunteer Appreciation Event

On January 16th, many parents and kids attended and thoroughly enjoyed the Comedy Event by BLDG 18. Three standup comedians enthralled the audience with their punchlines about Covid, Whatsapp, dating and more. Right before the comedy event, the Board formally thanked all the volunteers during the volunteer appreciation event. Games, singing, piano playing by volunteers to entertain the audience made it a fun event for all.

‘Pongal’ Class Competitions

The Pongal class competitions are now in full swing! Many grades have already completed their competitions, and the rest will be conducting them today or in the coming weeks. Each teacher had the freedom to choose their own competition(s) for the students in their class, including spelling bees, story writing, singing, drawing, and debate. Some teachers have even planned multiple competitions, giving several students chances to win a prize.

Grade 7 Stories

As their pongal competitions, the Grade 7 & 8 students were assigned to write stories and articles for publication in the monthly newsletters! This month, the newsletter will feature two of the creative and beautiful stories written by the students in Grade 7.

The first story, ‘பொறுமையின் பெருமை’ written by Dheerandar and Kavin can be viewed by clicking here!

The next story, ‘சிறந்த நண்பர்கள்’ written by Amiya, Kamalini, & Shravani can be viewed by clicking here!

Remember, anyone can always submit their own creation here to be published in an upcoming newsletter!

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