GuidelineS & Policies FOR ONLINE CLASS

1. Be on time to class. Class starts at 3:30pm.

  • Join the Google Meet a few minutes before 3:30pm and wait for the teacher to join

  • Join using a laptop or a desktop (not a phone or ipad)

2. Textbook

  • Make sure to keep the online textbook open until the physical textbooks are made available to you prior to joining the call

  • Student guide: Keep open the pdf file or print out the guide

  • The above documents are available once you login to ITA site under student resources

3. Students should keep necessary supplies next to them during the call

  • Text books (after it is distributed to you)

  • Ruled Notebook

  • 2 Pencils & eraser

  • Water bottle

4. Attendance and Tardiness

Students should attend classes regularly. 10% of the year end score is assigned for attendance. Student joining the call after 3:45 PM to class will be considered tardy. Student performance will be impacted by tardiness.

5. Online Classroom Conduct

  • Keep the video on during the entire duration of the class. In case of network bandwidth issues, video may be turned off to improve quality of the audio

  • Keep yourself muted unless you have to talk

  • Make sure your child actively participates in class by answering questions and making comments. ITA scoring includes points for class participation

  • When the teacher asks the student to write and show, make sure that your child writes legibly and in large font, and properly shows it in front of the camera

  • For young children, parents may optionally sit with the child during regular class but encourage the child to ask the teacher rather than you if they have any questions

6. Homework

Homework will be assigned every week and is available in the student guide. Parents should guide their children as needed to complete the homework, take pictures and upload it on Google Classroom. Weekly homework should be submitted prior start of the next class.

7. Communication

Parents may communicate to the teachers through email. Parents can also schedule a call and talk to the teachers, if necessary. Teachers may also request to talk with the parents as needed and parents should make themselves available for the discussion.

Each teacher will create a group email for the class and add all parents of the students in the class for common communication. The principal will also communicate through email to all parents from time to time about school happenings or to provide other information. Parents may also communicate with the school principal through email.

8. School calendar updates

The principal will communicate through email any major upcoming events or calendar changes. In particular, any school cancellations will be sent by email prior to the class. Parents may also check the school website for up to date information about changes to the school calendar or other notifications.

9. FAQ

Parents may refer to the school website for any other questions here prior to contacting the staff either by email at by phone at 908-547-0759.

😀Come ready with an excellent attitude and a huge smile!😁